How to increase your sales

This is what „marketing experts“ recommend to increase your sales:

Use Social Media
Remember to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to encourage others to check out the pages you like.

Put a link in the first paragraph
As many customers ignore banner ads, popups and other forms of advertising, put a link in the first paragraph.
A customer needs to click somewhere to make a purchase. Give them the chance to click the link, which takes them to our sales page. And, as the cookie lasts on their PC, any purchase they make gets credited to you! They don’t even have to come back to our store via your affiliate link.

Use your relationship to your customers
People have a reason to follow you and this reason is you. You don’t harm them, you do them something good. So why shouldn’t they trust your opinion about the film and follow your advice?

Address your potential customers
Your customers have some capabilities that distinguish them from others. Why else would they be linked to your social network pages or click on your website?
Maybe that is the reason to contact them and tell them about the movie.

Identify your customers‘ interests
Could the movie answer their questions? If so, let them know about those aspects of the film.

Tell people about the film
No matter what your website is about your target group might be larger than you think. Tell people about our film.

Create a Partner Page
Are you selling something that has nothing to do with our movie? Create a partner page and describe the film. In that way you can ‘warm up’ your customers before they go to the sales page. People might wonder who you have partnered with and why you did so. Most likely this will be an interesting twist, something that others did not expect you to do and that contributes to the reputation of your social media site/Website.

Ask people to buy the movie
You can mention to your customers that their purchase is helping you to make some money. Of course you can not push people. Pushing never helps nor does begging but mentioning might help.

Make people curious and make recommendations
Your ability to make people curious is one of the keys to getting more sales and because people are curious they tend to follow your recommendation. In fact it is often the recommendation that makes people curious.