How to sell our movie

Selling a movie is a fun and easy thing to do.
Still it requires some talent.
Can you reach your audience? Will people react as you imagine?
It‘s all up to you.

From our side we can say that, if you are persistent and a little creative,
you can‘t go wrong and if you follow the tips listed below, you’re likely to do
very well!!!

1. Discuss the movie
Share your opinion about the film and make people curious.
Tell others what entertained you, made you laugh, cry, watch it twice.
This is how you are actually selling the movie to your audience.

How? Make a video, write an article, publish one of the trailers, …
There are many ways to reach people.

The following questions might help with discussing the movie:

⦁ Is the topic appealing to you? Do you like the characters?

⦁ What are the strengths of the movie and what are it‘s weaknesses? Is the film‘s story realistic?

⦁ Do you know someone who was cheated on by their partner? What would be your reaction if you were cheated on? Did your parents try to decide everything for you?

⦁ Do you seek a loving relationship with someone? How much trouble would you accept for such a relationship? Or are you done with such commitments? Were you ever madly in love? Did you ever choose someone who was both the right and wrong person for you?

The questions are endless. So are the answers.

2. Name aspects of the movie
Many people f.i. seek a loving relationship. Others are done with that sort of thing – at least for the time being. Is there really anyone out there who is not interested in any romance? It‘s hard to go wrong with this subject matter.
People often sympathize with someone who has trouble being understood. In this coming of age story Jennifer – the heroin of our movie – is such a character. She is not understood by her parents nor by her boyfriend Ron; but does anybody understand Ron?
There are many more aspects to the film and it might help selling the film to name them.